Project Management


Here at Dental Marketing Leaders, we know how stressful it can be trying to run a dental practice from all angles simultaneously.  That’s why we’re here to help!  Our comprehensive marketing services will take care of your dental practice in many different ways – from your website, to your reputation monitoring, to any social media handles, to any blogging features.  We will also take care of your practice’s Yelp account.  Yelp, love it or hate it, cannot afford to be ignored, especially as a dental professional.  It is undoubtedly in your practice’s best interest to have management over your Yelp account for many reasons: consumer trust, Yahoo listings, and even Apple Maps.  Apple Maps, believe it or not, has become a great way to attract new customers.  

The main reason for this is that the user is directly connected to Yelp when they tap on or search for your business on the map; and we all know how greatly a business’ Yelp account can affect influx.  As far as consumer trust is concerned, there is nothing like a page full of positive reviews to attract new patients.  When people are looking to visit a practice for the first time, Yelp is their go-to for getting the insight of past and/or present patients.  That being said, there’s no need to stress over your Yelp account – we’ve got you all taken care of.  We are here to keep you as comfortable and confident with your practice as possible.  So, leave it to us – we’ve got all of your marketing needs covered!

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