How Dental Marketing Leaders Works

Dental Marketing Leaders is a team of marketing experts in all areas of the marketing field.  With our ten years’ worth of experience, there is no doubt working with us will help your practice to grow and expand.  Together, we will obtain new leads for your practice, build a strong online presence, and essentially, make your practice as profitable as possible.

Dental Marketing Leaders uses a long list of comprehensive services that will target your practice’s marketing needs from every side.  These services include online marketing, SEO services, mobile-friendly websites, Google AdWords, keyword research, A/B testing, content writing, competitor research, project management, video marketing, and postcard advertising.  Let’s get into how each of these work individually, and then how they benefit your practice as a whole.

With our online marketing services, you can be sure that you will start to attract more patients and keep them coming back.  We know that relying on word-of-mouth isn’t always the best option when it comes to promoting your practice.  So, Dental Marketing Leaders is here to help you maintain distinguishability in your field by creating a marketing plan that best meets the needs of your practice.  You will be given new exposure, a solid online reputation, and, most importantly, new patient revenue.

Marketing Services For Your Dental Practice

Our team knows all of the ins and outs of SEO.  Many business owners who do not work with an independent marketing team often say that keeping up with all of the demands associated with SEO is one of the biggest headaches they face while running their business.  Here at Dental Marketing Leaders, we know that SEO can be a major hassle.  Luckily, everyone on our team is here to provide your practice with the best SEO services around.  The SEO services provided here at Dental Marketing Leaders are high-quality, efficient, and proven to bring results.

We are also here to create a beautiful mobile-friendly website for your practice.  In today’s world of smartphones and tablets, it is extremely important for your business to have a website that is mobile-friendly.  Tons of people, especially those of the younger generations, are searching for things and browsing their phones more than they are sitting at a computer or with their laptops.  Everyone is constantly on the go, so it is important to have a website people can access from wherever they are.  The team at Dental Marketing Leaders is here to create a seamless website for your practice that can be accessed on any mobile device.

Part of our online campaign process here at Dental Marketing Leaders is the use of Google AdWords.  We are committed to making your practice one of the top hits on Google when certain key terms are typed into the search engine.  Since it is very infrequent that users of Google will travel past the first or second page to get the information they’re looking for, we know how important it is to be at least on the first page of Google, if not one of the top five hits.  Our knowledge of Google AdWords will be sure to skyrocket the online presence of your business and bring you the search engine ranking you’ve always wanted.

In conjunction with Google AdWords, our team conducts highly specific keyword research.  This is to ensure that your site is not just getting visitors, but also getting the RIGHT kinds of visitors.  Carrying out this research will also ensure that all of the SEO efforts being put forth are successful.  Having the correct keywords associated with your practice and its website is crucial for continued success and visibility; the results of effective keyword research are extremely high-return.  Here at Dental Marketing Leaders, you can have full confidence that we will help you keep up with all of the changing tides in your field.

A/B testing is another service provided here at Dental Marketing Leaders that will allow your website to be the best that it can be.  This testing involves the comparison of two different versions of a web page to see which one performs the best and is likely to generate the most leads.  This testing helps a site improve from every angle, being that the feedback from this test is provided by real-world consumers.

Dental Marketing Leaders also provides content writing services.  The quality of the content on your website should never be undervalued.  This is what viewers are reading, and they will develop an impression of your practice based on their visit to your website.  So, it is crucial that the content on your website is clear, concise, and easy to follow, all while being as informative as possible.  The content writing services provided here at Dental Marketing Leaders will most definitely improve the quality and credibility of your website.

Another type of research we do here at Dental Marketing Leaders is competitor research.  Being that the dental field is highly competitive, it is important for any practice owner to stay on top of their competition and their strategies not only to attract new clientele, but also to keep their existing patients coming back.  Our team scopes out your competition’s websites, SEO hits, and marketing strategies to make sure that we’re always one step ahead.

Content Writing Services

The Dental Marketing Leaders team of experts will also help you manage all projects associated with your practice and provide you with business consulting to ensure that everything is being taken care of outside the practice.  It is important for you, as the practitioner, to be completely focused on your patients throughout the day and to avoid any external noise while caring for them.  Our project management services will allow you to keep your focus where it is most needed.  After all, you’re the dental expert and we’re the marketing experts.

One of our more interesting services here at Dental Marketing Leaders is video marketing.  We strongly believe that it is imperative for you to show your potential patients what you’re all about rather than only telling them.  Video marketing campaigns allow for a more personal touch.  They will allow viewers of your website to get a more detailed look into your office and your staff to see for themselves what the experience is like before even coming to the office.  The Dental Marketing Leaders team is here to help you tape and edit a video campaign that best highlights all of the amazing things you and your practice have to offer.

Our last, and possibly most effective, service provided by the Dental Marketing Leaders team is postcard advertising.  This form of print advertising, most often delivered to potential patients through the mail, is an extremely effective marketing venture that allows the consumer to hold a physical item in their hands reminding them of your practice.  Website URLs can often be forgotten, especially by members of the older generation.  Oftentimes, for this demographic, it is important for them to have something tangible to remind them that they wanted to give you a call.

These services, when all used in conjunction with one another, allow your practice to have the most relevant, up-to-date marketing strategy around.  Many other businesses only handle one or two of these components at a time, completely ignoring the others.  This not only creates flops in marketing strategy, but also negates any efforts that were already put forth.  It is almost like baking a cake without putting any sugar or eggs in the batter; without these components, the ingredients will not bind and the cake will not taste good.  However, with Dental Marketing Leaders, you will not need to worry; we ensure a positive experience and an ever-growing practice.